A sneak peek inside my world of sculpting. I have listed a few projects and will continue to post new work as it comes. Please take a moment to see the creations in their early steps. It's fascinating work and I hope you enjoy seeing how it all comes to be. 

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A Ram Mascot - 2016

The beginnings of the Ram for Framingham State University. The hooves were made individually and leg framing was extended upward. The four legs with feet attached were then set up on the boulder.  Proper distance between the hooves and general body angle was achieved with careful planning.  This boulder we found is perfect for this piece. It feels like this stone could be resting on the edge of a mountaintop. When the piece is finished, you’ll see what I mean.  I want this piece to be strong, driven, and most of all determined to achieve.  So pleased to have this opportunity to create a mascot sculpture that will inspire the next generation of Framingham graduates. It’s an honor and a pleasure.

Here's a link from the Metro West Daily News.



An African Fish Eagle - 2014

Eagle commissioned for a home in New England.  The eagle is made of bronze shards all forged and hammered using blacksmithing techniques.   These eagles are familiar birds of prey on the waterways of sub-Saharan Africa.  This eagle has a wing span of 8' and is perched on a 10' bronze tree looking for its next prey.  I'm looking forward to finishing my second eagle, I hope you enjoy seeing the process.

Bear Family - 2014

Life size mother bear with her two cubs climbing a 14' tree.  This piece is commissioned by Simon Properties for their Premium Outlets Montreal, in Canada.  The Tree made of shards of metal has voids to create the depth of the bark texture.  The bears are made of thousands of twisted pieces of bronze.  Check back here soon as we'll be adding updated photos regularly. 

Dragon - 2013

This Dragon lives in a small courtyard on Cape Ann, MA.  Commissioned by a true dragon lover, this piece greets her guests as they come to visit.

Fighting Scot - 2016

The Fighting Scot is the mascot for Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts.  

The Scot is made entirely out of bronze.  Like many pieces we create, each piece was handcut, forged and welded one by one.  The final piece will be sitting on a granite base in front of the athletic's department at Gordon.  This was a first 'lion' made at the studio and I believe that we are all happy with the results. 

Gator Globe for UF - 2015

The Gator is the mascot for the University of Florida.  We installed and delivered this great piece, titled "Ubiquity" to Gainesville this past summer. 

The concept conveys the Florida Gator and its presence in the world.  The globe and gator are made entirely out of bronze.  Each piece was handcut, forged and welded one by one.  It sits on the custom concrete base on the campus' new addition.  This was a unique and great project to work on and I believe we are all happy with the results.  Click on link below to see how the gator came to be from an article written by the University of Florida.


Greyhound - 2014

Greyhound in stainless steel commissioned by a Tennessean man and donated to the Tunica Humane Society in Miss.  The Greyhound is hammered and formed into shape. Play pose and full of beans this greyhound captures life. Done in an abstract way, the muscles are still tight and he appears to be ready to jump. This is the third greyhound that will be completed.  I think they all have a way about them. Great dogs!


High Spirits - 2017

This piece was born from the positive energy that flowed through Robin Silverman. A creative community person who lived in Ipswich, Massachusetts and inspired many.  After her passing, her husband was compelled to give something to the community. It was something he just wanted to do. Hopefully to inspire future generations to feel good and continue to share their gifts with each other. Robin was a giver. Rick is just “paying it forward’.  We thought that “High Spirits" would be a fitting title for something holding court from the top of that hill. Something that feels up-lifting and connected somehow.

The 14' tree is made in shards of bronze metal to create the bark texture.  The birds in contrast, are in abstract form. This piece stands 14' high and about 12' wide. I'm sure as the bronze ages and becomes that blue/green patina color, this piece will feel as if it had been there all along. Nice to have work in Ipswich, near our studio. Having sent pieces all over, this is one I can visit. Maybe I'll see you there!

Chronicle article:

Horse - 2016

"Beauty", a life size steel horse made for Simon Properties for their Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in New York.  Done in an abstract way, the thoroughbred with his energy, shows great strength and poise.   The 10' sculpture is all hand forged, shaped and welded. 

Moose - 2012

Life size Moose commissioned in 2010 by Simon Property Group for the new Premium Outlets in Merrimack, NH. This Moose was modeled after an Alaskan bull moose and stands 12' high at the top of the antlers. He now greets the shoppers as they come and go through the seasons. 

Neuron - 2015

Cambridge, Massachusetts is filled with big thinkers.  The nerve center of Cambridge, Kendall Square, is the hub of bio tech research.  Kendall Square is changing, advancing our understanding of the human body. When it came time to consider a sculpture for Kendall, I wanted it to reflect the big ideas that come from this region of the country.  This 25' Neuron with its 12' dendrites will be a center piece, reaching outward in every direction. Symbolizing the connection that Kendall has with its partners in research. This piece is made up entirely out of twisted and formed bronze with a 1/2" thick slumped glass at its core nucleus.   Stay tuned for more as the project nears its completion.

Boston Globe Article:

Railings - 2013

Hand forged and hammered handrails commissioned by a Massachusetts couple for their front foyer.  Railings were a complete custom project using lots of blacksmithing techniques.  Each section was cut, forged, and hammered into the desired shape and size.  Material chosen was steel with a touch of bronze accents.  This was a challenging but rewarding project and we're all happy with the outcome.  Take a look at the process...



Viking - 2013

Salem State University's Viking is completed and installed.  It was such an honor to have been chosen to do their school mascot.  Click images to see the complete project from start to finish.