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Chris Williams

Caught in a Moment... 

I want the figures I create to look like they've just been caught in a moment of stillness. When you turn your head, they lumber off to the woods or fly away. Working in metal, there is always a dynamic tension between the stiffness of the material and my own force. I have a sense of where it should go, and I use my strength and tools to shape it, and the metal fights back. It is that tension captured in the bent and twisted metal that gives each piece a pulse. These sculptures steal time. In our fast-paced world, people

walk around with eyes glazed over. Coming upon these pieces at airports or stadiums or even on suburban lawns, they are pulled out of their hurried lives; they are literally stopped in their tracks by their encounter with a moose, a rhino or a playful greyhound.  What started out as a fascination with welding has become a journey
of creativity for me. As I explore new directions working in this medium, I hope my work will continue to create moments of heightened appreciation for life's wonders and surprises for others as well.  
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