In their own words...


We have commissioned two pieces from Chris Williams. Our most recent is a smiling whale! It's aways been a pleasure to work with Chris. He's always upbeat and has a can-do attitude.  We love the reaction our friends have to his work. Surprise and wonder!

- Chris and Anne Lewis, Gloucester, MA



People of all ages enjoy the Seascape that  you created here at Logan Airport.  I pass by it at least 10 times per day. Each time, there is always someone enjoying it..whether it is just stopping to admire it and share it with their children.  Quite often passengers stop to pose in front of it and take a picture!  

- M. Freni, Boston Logan International Airport



Chris Williams' work has become the signature of Latitude 43.  Jaws drop when people come in the front door and behold his highly animated 16 foot stainless steel and glass octopus suspended over the sushi pit. He is extraordinarily creative in solving practical problems with his art.

- M. McDonough, Latitude 43, Gloucester, MA




Working with Chris has always been a pleasure.  On our first commission there was great give and take in the design and planning process and the outcome was brilliant (Dragon #1). Chris helped us immensely getting our stainless steel Wolf to us in our villa in the South of France.  It is clear that Chris does not expect his relationship with a client to end on delivery of a piece.  His commitment to meeting our various needs over time has been impressive.  - J. Loeber, Gloucester, MA